The Scope of Our Research

Some of you may be wondering what sort of topics and questions we want to research to better understand the Sanguinarian condition. If you are waiting, and waiting around for “results” you may be waiting for a bit longer than expected. Research can sometimes take decades to accomplish, to formulate tests and surveys, and to get all the right evidences together to put together a hypothesis, and even a theory. It’s a lot of work, and since we are few, it is very time consuming. BUT… I’d like to at least give you a snippet of what we’re looking at.

We want to dig into a very wide-range of aspects, actually. Including but not limited to:

  • Digestive environment in either gut microbiology or structural differences.
  • What blood components has precedence to heal an ailing gut and/or mind?
  • How the hormonal/endocrine feedback loop, or neurotransmitter level variances could be related to “the beast,” and “the hunger,” individually or respectively?
  • Multiple nutrient deficiency and absorption issues and the metabolic pathway gene variations that could cause them.
  • How those of the female Sanguinarian population appear to have a propensity of more severe symptoms or obvious traits.
  • Possible viral infections or bacterial imbalance triggers.
  • Comparative studies of similar culture diets and the gene variations that make some substances (in this case, blood) more digestively compatible (the Maasai tribe, in example).
  • Stress/anxiety levels and its effects digestive absorption.
  • Aiding in bile/acid/ph level production/effects of increase saliva and mucus production on digestion.
  • Comparative study between individual sanguinarians: Genetically, Microbiologically, and Expression of traits and symptoms.

We are also currently putting together an in depth survey that can be output to the community, to attempt to narrow it down even more. This survey may come in parts 1, 2, 3, etc as we get further down the ‘rabbit hole’ in our studies.

This research is, as you can expect, very expansive. If you, or anyone else, may be interested in helping our cause we would gladly accept volunteer researchers!

We would need people who can second guess themselves, think objectively and can give multiple alternative ideas, and are rarely seduced by confirmation bias. If this sounds like you or someone you know, send an inquiry to: or use the Contact Us form on this website.


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